Degas™ Receiver Cell Engineering


Product Description

Progenitor DegasTM Receiver Cell Engineering Platform employs non-viral methods to introduce new DNA elements into specific genomic loci, such as so-called ‘safe-harbor sites’.  Degas™ Cells are engineered to contain one or more landing pads that can be targeted for insertion of different DNA elements that impart new functions to cells (e.g., expression of cell surface receptors, transcription factors, suicide genes, etc.). Importantly, the DegasTM Platform enables development of isogenic cell lines that share identical genomes and differ only with regard to the DNA element inserted into the landing pad location.  Hence, the Degas™ Platform enables parallel production of genetically identical lines that can be reliably compared to one another in functional screens, overcoming the problem of genetic drift that typically confounds production of cell lines by the usual approach of serial transfection, selection, and single-cell cloning.