Scientists have discovered new methods for cancer cell targeting using chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) constructs, that when paired with the body’s killing immune cells, can be a potent therapy for previously immuno-evasive cancers.

A major challenge for CAR-cell therapies in the clinic is their complexity and cost: present technology requires that primary immune cells be isolated and subjected to extensive in vitro engineering on a patient-by- patient basis, costing up to $500,000 per treatment per patient; hence routine clinical use of these therapies is potentially unfeasible in the current healthcare economy.

Seeing Immunotherapy’s need for an enhanced workflow, Progenitor set a goal to create IP for the generation of safer, economical and more advanced cellular therapeutics.

Through partnerships and collaborations, Progenitor has created a novel workflow covering all aspects of cellular therapeutic generation. Using next generation CAR constructs, gene editing techniques and “Off-the-shelf” approaches, Progenitor is enabling the future of Immunotherapies.